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After a decade of designing and hands-on experience with ceramics, Poungphet Aungsuthorn has been internationally sought after for her exquisite handmade tableware and decorative pieces.

In October 2000 , Poungphet decided to branch out on her own and established B.P.C Ceramics in Lampang, northen Thailand. By doing so, Poungphet continues the tradition of ceramics that has been present for centuries in this area.

The use of natural elements : earth, wood, fire and water to create the ceramics bridges the gap between Nature and our modern life style.

Each piece is unique and carefully produced to the highest quality by experienced craftsmen and women.

The functional beauty of the pieces, stemming from an ancient art, are equally at home in today’s environment.

2017 saw the launch of Poungphet By BPC, a shop come showroom at Lhong 1919, since then we have moved to 25/5 Soi Sukhumvit 33,  where products will be on sale. Pieces designed by Poungphet for the brand will include popular pieces that are designed to give individuality as well as one-off limited pieces.

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